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  • This Is A Crisis (Opportunity)

    She rose from reality TV and is now saving lives and giving people hope.

  • The Battle for Truth vs. ‘Fake News’

    In this one-minute video, Denzel Washington lays out the case for truth vs. ‘fake news’.

  • On Not Being a Knee-Jerk Reactionary

    RebootTheMedia is about using the media to make a difference. And this movement is awakening. Voices are rising that wouldn’t have even been called forth were it not for the circumstances we are now facing. The problem is not new… Read More ›

  • On 2017: Crisis, Opportunity, and The Butterfly Effect

    “Our greatness lies in not so much being able to remake the world as in being able to remake ourselves.” – Mahatma Gandhi

  • New Year’s Resolutions: Just for Fun

    There’s a place for more serious introspection and goal setting to find one’s purpose in life. And then there’s this:

  • Five Tips to Using the Media to Make a Difference

    I hope you had a great year, I really really do. But for many of us, the year was hardly a good one – consider the many celebrity icons who left us; all the political battles, insults and turmoil; the heartbreak of Aleppo;… Read More ›

  • What the Chicago Cubs Win Can Teach Us (About Ourselves)

    “The one thing that’s been proven true in baseball and in life is that human beings can accomplish more for others and for the group than they can for themselves.” — Theo Epstein, Cubs President