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  • What the Chicago Cubs Win Can Teach Us (About Ourselves)

    “The one thing that’s been proven true in baseball and in life is that human beings can accomplish more for others and for the group than they can for themselves.” — Theo Epstein, Cubs President

  • Media Madness: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    I first heard it as a slogan in my mind: Using the media to make a difference. What other phenomenon touches and influences more people than media? Whether it’s TV, newspapers, magazines, social media or other online sites, what we are… Read More ›

  • Moon Walk

    You can’t talk about “media that makes a difference” without honoring one of the biggest TV events ever: Apollo 11 and the first man on the moon, July 20, 1969. An estimated 600 million people watched the action unfold on their television… Read More ›

  • Maybe Tipper Gore Was Right

    For years many of us thought if only Al Gore had become President, maybe 9/11 wouldn’t have happened. And if 9/11 never happened, maybe the horrible explosion of terrorism and violence across the world might not be so pervasive these days. Perhaps…. Read More ›

  • Not Kidding Around

    Everything about this statement, including the fact that the President addressed specific accusations, is pretty serious. He is not kidding around. This is what commitment looks like. President Obama is not wondering how things are going to turn out in November…. Read More ›

  • The Moment You Find Out You’re Amazing

    Each year, America’s Got Talent brings us several breakout stars whose audition videos go viral, racking up tens of millions of views. People love the surprise of talent from unexpected places. Think back on Susan Boyle’s audition from Britain’s Got Talent, for… Read More ›

  • The United State of Women

    You don’t realize just how much women are underrepresented, undervalued, and underutilized . . . until you see a woman taking what has always belonged to a man: The nomination from a major political party for the President of the United States. Luckily… Read More ›