REBOOT RECOMMENDS — our favorite books, movies, TV shows and more:


Good News Network (“For those who complain about how bad things are – Give the gift of Good News”) and Upworthy (“Things That Matter. Pass ’em On”) – a website devoted to sharing inspiring videos so they go viral  – Websites that publish inspiring news and videos.


Pod Save America – from former speechwriters for President Obama, get the latest commentary on the political scene and more.


Messiah Netflix – Highly recommended. Art, especially TV and film, is an amazing tool to bring humanity to higher consciousness.

CBS Sunday Morning CBS, Sunday mornings (check local listings) — filled with an assortment of interesting features and news stories, always worth checking out.

Survivor CBS, Wednesdays 8p/7p — always interesting for locations and interpersonal dynamics.

The Amazing Race CBS  — our favorite entertainment show travels the world.

Let’s Make A Deal CBS, weekdays, check local listings — I’m stockpiling these on my DVR; I just like to see people win stuff that makes them happy.  Host Wayne Brady is fun to watch, too.

Long Island Medium TLC (check local listings) — because there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy. Beautiful stories of unbreakable bonds of the soul. Keep tissues handy.


I AM – This film DEFINES a new outlook and provides access to a breakthrough for humanity. See it, you’ll want to share it with the world!

Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World – Prince Charles as you’ve never seen him before: profoundly spiritual about the planet and passionately committed to restoring man’s harmony with nature.

Waiting for Superman – Have you seen this film about the U.S. public school system?  Apparently, Superman isn’t coming, so it’s time to find out what we can do to make a difference in our children’s education.


Harmony– by Charles HRH The Prince of Wales.  The book, as stunning as the film.  see RTM post: Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World

A Mindful Nation by Congressman Tim Ryan – bringing mindfulness to government, politics, even the military? Hell yeah.

Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose – by Tony Hsieh.  How corporate culture should be.


Have a Reboot-worthy recommendation?  Send it to us in the “Comments” section below and it may appear here as a Viewers Choice!

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  1. Hi Diane. Have you heard about TRUST, the movie directed by David Schwimmer? It is an R rated movie being released April 1,2011 about a normal family whose daughter gets involved on the internet with friends. But something happens. Something no parent would want to experience.

    Have seen both Clive Owens (actor) and David (director) talk about it in interviews. I have yet to see the movie, but I think the movie is very timely with so much technology around us and the message it is sending. People have said more than once “it won’t happen to me” and I say “think again” or better yet, go see this movie especially if you are a parent or teacher or work with children.

    Hope all is well

  2. Hi Diane,

    I think you should give strong consideration to the show “Intervention” on A&E. Real people and their families and friends dealing with some of the most difficult addictions on the planet. I am ALWAYS moved every time I watch this show. It is often moving and inspiring.

    Thanks for having this site!


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